The Problem

Woodhaven Custom Calls needed a responsive design for an e-commerce website, with the purpose of promoting and selling their hunting calls and outdoor products on the site.

The Plan

Our website developers' goal was to create a user-friendly, mobile-friendly website design featuring their custom photography to display their products, giving users a streamlined experience to purchase products quickly and easily.

The Result

We developed a modern, clean website and have helped transform their digital presence into a powerful and successful eCommerce store, making checkout possible within 3 clicks.

The Details

Woodhaven approached us in 2015 and asked us to design a new eCommerce website for their business. We knew their first need was a responsive site so that it would function well for people using mobile devices, especially since the data from analytics proved that over 60% of their current traffic was on phones or tablets. WoodHaven had great photography of their products to use, which in turn added to the overall beauty and user engagement of the website.

We also began an aggressive SEO campaign to boost sales on the site in the spring of 2017. During the 4 month campaign that began in February we were able to increase the average number of website sessions by nearly 60% compared to the same time period last year.

The SEO campaign also assisted in boosting their online sales as well, with an increase of nearly 40% in gross sales over that in 2016. Their products are well known within the hunting community and are more accessible today because of their website, and their ability to be found in the top search results.

We have enjoyed having Woodhaven as a client and continue to work with them to ensure their site’s success.

“V3 is at the top of their game when it comes to web-sight development. From day one, they have made each of us at WoodHaven feel as if we're their only client.. Fast, reliable, and helpful.....that is V3. No doubt, they want their clients to succeed! ”

Mark ScrogginsWoodHaven