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Benefits of a Full Stack Development Agency

By June 16, 2022June 24th, 2022No Comments

There are thousands of digital marketing and web development agencies across the country, and each one positions themselves differently in the marketplace. Some will focus on specific CMS platforms like WordPress development, or Shopify stores. Other agencies will market for specific industries like law farm websites or real estate marketing. However, there is significant benefit for an agency to build a team that can be both adaptable to the different solutions out there, as well as be able to technically perform all of the different digital services that an agency could provide.

It’s this idea why we at V3 Media Group are committed to being a “full stack” development agency. Typically the full stack moniker refers to development teams that can do both backend functional development/coding, and front-end website design. However, we take this idea and further it to include all of the potential digital marketing needs another business could have.

Whether you’re looking for marketing solutions for your legal practice, an e-commerce store for you outdoor industry products, or a custom website developed for your real estate agency, we have the staff and technical expertise to fully market your business.

Best Web Design/Development Practices

V3 Media Group was first and foremost a design agency, and it’s the service that we’ve offered for the longest amount of time. Back when every website was animated with Flash and used heavy photo-realistic textures, we were creating websites that were cutting edge and gorgeous to look at.

As time has gone on and technology has improved, we’ve been able to pivot and adapt our processes to a more fully-Wordpress development approach. And a former development add-on: responsive design, is now a cornerstone of our web design process. As mobile devices and cell phones have become more ubiquitous to our lives, we have taken the time to add support for these devices to our design/development focus. Furthermore, with well over 60% of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices, we are now designing websites for mobile devices first, as opposed to them being a secondary idea.

Best Marketing Agency Practices

In the early 2010s, as our websites became more popular and our client base became more diverse, we began receiving request for a new idea called “search engine optimization,” or “search engine marketing.” The idea was that Google and other search engines were controlling the majority of the inbound users that would find your website, and if you can get your website to appear higher on search results, you would be able to acquire more customers.

Many development agencies, just like us, were skeptical of this idea – we thought that the ever-changing and convoluted algorithms of search engines wouldn’t be able to be manipulated or gamed for your advantage. However, as more and more businesses requested this practice from us, we began looking for resources on how SEO works, and what best practices we could utilize for our clients.

After reading content, watching videos, and taking courses from other marketers like Matt Cutts, Neil Patel, and more, we were able to offer a clean, white-hat approach to SEO that would be both reputable to businesses and deliver consistent results. By focusing on the front-facing text and metadata of a website, and delivering a holistic, top-to-bottom approach of web design, we at V3 Media Group were able to start offering the first steps of a full stack development and marketing agency.

Best Video/Social Practices

Even though a large percentage of traffic generated to our websites is through search engines, we were always cognizant of the need to be able to expand a client’s target market past the active users. Essentially, SEO and search engine marketing is limited to only market to users actively looking for your product. It’s difficult to expand your business’ reach by search engines alone, so in order to grow a business, we often needed to utilize social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing.

Email marketing is great at generating repeat customers. Search Engine marketing is great at getting in-market users. Social media marketing is effective at reaching new potential customers who are either unaware of your products/services, or your brand in general. In order to better serve our clients, especially e-commerce or other B2C businesses, and after years of consulting, we began taking a more hands-on approach to social media marketing, offering those services we would advise on as a direct service of V3 Media Group.

The Point

In order to grow your business effectively you will need to find either multiple partners that can handle the vast array of markets online, or a full stack marketing and development agency like V3 Media Group. The advantage of having a single source build your website, market your brand, and expand your reach is that your marketing team will already understand how your brand works, what your goals are, and every other facet that goes into a normal development project. The marketing team will also be able to work more seamlessly with development and be able to make recommendations for updates and improvements to better serve a particular marketing vertical.

Building a new website can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact V3 Media Group and talk with us about anything website development!

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