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Our Process

Design & Development

Our website development process is specifically designed to move quickly and effectively.

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Website Design Process

Each website’s specific needs drives our development process uniquely for each build.

Design + ROI

Having a tried and true development process helps us know what will be effective for your target market.

Our Web Development Process

Research and analysis.

Understanding your business and goals helps make sure you get the product you need.


Once we’ve established contact with a particular business or organization, our first steps are all centered around research and analysis. We want to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of both your needs and what your competitors or doing. This could be in relation to a particular service area, or national competitiveness that takes a more detailed look at the landscape. In either scenario, we go through great lengths to wrap our minds around your goals and direction before we recommend functional pieces, design, development ideas, or budget.

Design our conceptuals for your review

Based on your preferences and website best practices, we create a custom design for you.


Once we’ve agreed on the proposal terms including budget, design inspiration, and the development needs for your website, we will create a mockup of the designs before we commit to any development. This ensures that the most efficient development process is used down the road once we have a clear roadmap of design.

These design comps are specifically created to illustrate our overall design direction and aesthetic for your business. There may likely be pieces of the design that will include dummy text or images to flesh out the comp. However, our methodology of website design is to communicate an overall brand, not just the granular details in the beginning.

Develop our concepts on WordPress

After you’ve approved the design, we build your design on the WordPress CMS.


After our design direction has been approved, we develop the comps on WordPress, including a development server for you to see our progress, as well as all of the mobile-responsive details from our work. This means that you’ll receive a link with your test website for you to review as we work on it. This link will be where we continue to develop every piece of the site as a whole, including interior pages, additional functions, and more.

Receive your content, and implement.

After the website is built, we will get your content (text, images, videos) and put them directly into the new website.


As we’re building your interior pages, we will ask for your content. These different content pieces can include text from your existing website, revised paragraphs from print documents, images, links to stock video accounts, and more. We will take your content and implement said content into our design as part of our development process.

Review, and go LIVE

We present your new website to you and take it live for you.


The process of going live can be both incredibly simple or frustratingly complicated depending on how prepared you are for the go live process. We always recommend making sure you have access to the domain name of your website as early as possible in the development process, making sure you can log into your existing website, and checking to see if you have the keys to your hosting environment. As long as those pieces are easy to get to, going live should be a breeze! One moment, your old website is showing, the next, your brand new website is live for the world to see.