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Selecting The Perfect Fit For Your Website Design Company

By May 7, 2024No Comments

Now more than ever, having an effective and marketable website is a cornerstone of any business. Whether it’s presenting a reputable design to earn b2b business, or providing a memorable UX to the general public, a website can many times be the difference between success and failure of new customer acquisition.

Establish a Scope of Work for Your Website:

While many small business websites function simply as an online portfolio, know what you want your website to do for your users before engaging in work with a new website design company. This can be design ideas, user flow from page to page, and any specifics you’d want to make sure are development by the website company.

Think Through Website Budget:

While many “build-you-own,” websites exist like SquareSpace and Wix for a low monthly cost, a custom website can range anywhere from $5,000 – $200,000 depending on function and design ideas. Be sure to have an idea of budget while looking at a web development company.

Check Out Exiting Portfolio:

Check out websites the design company has made before. Could you see any of those elements working for you and your business? Do this company have competing business in a similar location and vocation? Does the design company push the envelope or play it safe?

See What Other People Say About Them:

Find out what other people think about the company. Do they have good reviews? Is the design company willing to provide references from previous work? If a company has pretty work on their website portfolio, but those websites are no longer visible when going directly to the company, there may be an issue with customer relations.

Understand Web Development Workflow

A common issue in a new website development is understanding who is responsible for what. Are you expected to provide your own pictures or text? Is the web design company responsible? Who will create your marketing phrases and language used on the site? How long will the website take to develop? When is the “Go Live?”

How Much Support Do You Need?

After your website goes live, you need to think through who will support your website and tools. Are you planning on hiring a web developer or designer within your company to manage the project? Would you prefer if you development company handled the website hosting and support?

Be Able To Get Them On the Phone.

The ability to connect to a web design company on the phone makes a huge difference in the long-term customer support offered. If a company is too busy to take your call, they may be too busy to handle your project. Be sure you’re able to get someone on the phone before you engage in a new website project.