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Website Basics

What to Look for When Picking a Hosting Company

By December 10, 2020March 3rd, 2022No Comments

A highly functioning website consists of three parts:

  • A design that works for your company’s goals
  • Visual appeal
  • It has to be a live site

Once you have a website that looks good and is functional you need to take it live. One of the most important parts of taking a website live is finding hosting for that site.

Website Hosting–Digital Rent

If you are a business person searching Google using terms like, “Best website hosting company,” “reliable web hosting,” etc. then the chances are that you have at least a small understanding of what website hosting is.

Hosting can be thought of as digital rent that companies pay in order to keep their website online. Like a real-life community, the internet is a vastly complex system of units that communicate with each other through various means.

Your device uses a data or internet connection to go to specific addresses (domain names), and then those addresses are referencing specific servers where people have website files stored. While that is incredibly vague, the idea is simple – you need a device with all of your website files on it that is both perpetually online and perpetually powered on. 

There is no one master server that lays claim to holding the entire system of the internet. Rather there are countless servers that house or “host” various units or “websites.”

Website Hosting–What to Look For

Reliable Servers

Because converting a computer into a hosting server is relatively easy, there are countless individuals who offer hosting services from, say, the basement of their home.

While having your website hosting on a small, house server can be cheap, it can be very unreliable. When the internet of the home that your website’s hosting server is located goes out, your website will be down. This can prove detrimental to your business.

When picking a website hosting company, choose a company that can assure that their server connections won’t negatively affect your website.

Choose a Server That Won’t Slow Down Your Site

Many servers are housed on what is called a “server farm.”

Server farms can host thousands upon thousands of domains. Although this helps to drive down the cost of hosting for your business, it can also slow down your website’s load speed. This is because servers can only handle so many users at a time. If your website is hosted on a shared server located at a server farm, then your load speed is subject to the amount of users that an unknown amount of websites has at any given time.

The more time that potential customers have to spend waiting for your website to load, the less conversions your business will have.

When picking a website hosting company, pick a company that has its own server independent from countless other sites.

White Glove Concierge Customer Service

In website hosting white glove concierge customer service is customer service that goes beyond simply answering the phone when you call with questions about website migration, need to make a change on your WordPress plugins, or discover a new malfunction on your website. 

It means that your website hosting company will meticulously attend to your needs in a knowledgeable and timely manner.

There are several corporations that offer hosting at an affordable price. GoDaddy, Google Cloud Web Serving, Amazon Web Services, and several others can offer your company web hosting at an affordable price. Additionally, business owners don’t have to worry about their site crashing because of a simple server crash with these hosting services. They have massive networks of services with backups to almost completely ensure that your server won’t fail.

However, as the old adage goes, “Not all that glitters is gold.” 

These hosting services cannot offer businesses, especially small or local businesses, the kind of personalized customer services that many business owners need.

When picking a website hosting company, look for a company that will effectively host your website and that has the capabilities to work “hands-on” with you to fix any problems that may arise on your site.

Website Hosting With V3

If your business purchases Premium Hosting from V3 Media Group, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best website hosting services that you can find.

Our customer service is the white glove concierge service that will help you with all of your hosting needs. We have real people who will answer the phone when you call, help fix your website issues, and even train you to be able to do it yourself.

Not only does V3 offer top-tier customer service, we also have multiple independent servers through WP Engine that ensures that the websites we host will never be slowed down because of an overcrowded server.

Lastly, at V3 we are experts in web hosting and all that it entails. So, unlike the freelance host who may not have the knowledge or capabilities to adequately support your business’ website, we do.

Are you a business that is looking for the best website hosting available? Contact V3 Media Group today and talk with us about all that Premium Hosting with V3 Media Group can hold for your business’ website!