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WordPress hosting can be time-consuming, but we’ll handle all of that for you. With V3’s Premium Hosting, we’ll keep your plugins up to date, your core at the most recent version, and more. 

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Any of our website hosting experts can take a look at your website and see how our different hosting platforms can help.

Our Development Process

1. Evaluate Hosting Needs

Before we migrate your WordPress website to our hosting platform, we’ll take a look at what premium plugins you’re using, what version your WordPress install is, and help you get an understanding of what exactly you need to keep your website secure and fast.

2. Website Hosting Migration

Once we’ve communicated your needs and given you your premium hosting quote, we’ll migrate your website, as is, to one of our premium hosting environments. Then, while your website is in a staging environment, we’ll make any necessary updates or adjustments for security and speed.

3. Taking New Hosting Live

After you approve of the hosting environment set up, we will take your website live on our servers, thereby enabling you to turn your old hosting provider off. Your website is now live on our premium hosting!

4. Ongoing Maintenance

Every day, we will create site file and database backups of your entire hosting environment to make sure we have up to date copies in case of security breaches or user error. We will keep your WordPress core up to date, your plugins on the most recent version, and be here for phone calls, WordPress advice, and more.


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Yearly Sessions

Our Premium Hosting offerings allow you to have the fastest hosting and most secure hosting possible within the WordPress CMS. We have real people that answer the phone, every time, and you’re able to call us for advice, help, support, and more. Think of us as your “white-glove concierge” of website hosting. We’re here to open the door for you and make sure you’re having a great day!


When selecting a hosting company, you can either elect for the cheapest option, or the most effective option. You’ve got your own business to run, and you don’t need to worry about if your website will stay up, if something will break or get hacked, or if your plugins are going out of date. Our team of website hosting experts are here specifically for you.

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One of the most common problems we’ve heard from clients about hosting providers is the ability to adequately communicate with development/maintenance staff for support. V3’s “white-glove” WordPress hosting is specifically designed to give you the website hosting support you need with the highest level of customer care.

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What We’ve Heard

WordPress is designed to be modular and always improving, and as such, you need trained staff and support that can handle your website support and maintenance moving forward. Whether you need help picking a particular plugin, getting a new website function to work, or otherwise needing secure and fast hosting services, V3’s premium WordPress hosting services will be on your side.