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Upcoming Web Design Trends and How You May Benefit

By December 17, 2021April 22nd, 2022No Comments

Trend predictions and forecasting apply to every level of design, even web design. As web developers and designers, we see different styles, color palettes, fonts, and builds come and go as quickly as the season’s “it” shoe. The cycle of design trends can move fast and may leave people wondering what’s next and should I be following along.

What Can We Expect out of 2022?

Hero Section Revamp 

The hero section is a standard in web design. They’re a bold placeholder for large imagery, videos, or text. In this upcoming year, we’ll see hero sections and typography utilized to create standout sections to highlight keywords for branding and marketing. They add a nice break in between content and add a nice edge to sites  

Scrolling isn’t Just Up and Down

Traditionally, you scroll down a web page. As we saw over the past year, scroll animations had a big jump to create a more interactive user experience as they explore a website. Scroll functions will evolve into more eye-catching as designers implement more on-scroll animations, scroll effects, and horizontal sliders. These effects break up the average flow of a site while maintaining functionality  

Designs Will Be More Mobile  

In the past year, web design has become more intertwined with illustration and graphic design. A few popular elements were large abstract shapes sometimes overlaid with bold gradients or detailed line work incorporated into a page. As this trend grows, the move to make graphic elements responsive and dynamic will become increasingly more popular. Creating this dimension on a page increases the user experience, adds depth to the design, and is a great attention grabber for a landing page. These dynamic pieces will no longer be for large desktops but become scalable with responsive design. 

Footers Become Their Own Statement 

Footers are last, but certainly not least. With web designers’ focus on UX design, the footer will now become a statement rather than the simple end piece to a site. We see more designs incorporating large footers with pops of color, custom icons, line borders, and more to go with the overall design and keep the theme consistent to the end. 

Should You Be Following Trends?

The short answer is yes, but for good reason. The trends we see making their way into 2022 have a common theme of increasing user experience, boosting engagement through interaction and showcasing innovation in web design. Your website should be true to your brand and organization to convey your message to a target audience. Not every site needs a giant animation bouncing all over the screen, but every site will need a responsive design, attention-grabbing elements, and a way to showcase content unique to the site yet still functional for users.

Trends will fade out, but in the world of design, they signal a new perspective on how we work and the progress we’ve made to make web design interesting and engaging for users.

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