Zion 360 Real Estate

Real Estate Website Design

Real Estate website design has one of the widest potential palettes for design options of any industry. With different brands leaning into different markets, demographics, and more, each design can be unique and a perfect fit for their own brand.

Rental Properties

Unlike many real estate companies that only focus on resales or new communities, Zion 360 Group has an equal focus on available rental properties in their communities. This means that the way the properties are presented to the user require a slight alteration in terms of dollar amounts, amenities, and other items that a tenant may care more about instead of a homeowner.

Luxury Design

Many real estate companies want that “small town,” feel for their site, but the Zion 360 Group wanted to present ideas of elegance and luxury. Using thin, capitalized fonts in conjunction with a chunk serif with a lot fo white space let us give the feeling of southern charm with luxury.