Maestro 2300


Responsive image showcase

We used responsive web design to have the main featured images size appropriately to the screen resolution of the user.


About this Project

Maestro 2300 is a fine-dining, beautifully designed and built restaurant. Maestro has a certain elegance and refinement to the way they both present their food, and their business as a whole. They came to us with the desire for us to capture and present the overall feel of their business to a user, and really bring the user into the restaurant and experience what their patron’s experience.

Our Approach

To accomplish our goal, we thought it best to showcase the building itself and the food with vibrant, sleek, classy pictures that truly capture the elegance of their business. We gave each page the ability to have a background image, and limited the content area to the left of the page. This design limits the potential clutter while maximizing the emotional reach of each page.

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