The Problem

ThermoServ's old website was out of date with current styles and their new branding. They also wanted to make sure user knew where to buy any piece of their extensive and beautiful product collections.

The Plan

Our plan was to pull styles from their logo, as well as implement a clean, fun design that helped ThermoServ show off their extensive product showcase.

The Result

ThermoServ ended up with a fun, brightly-colored design that helps bring the different products to life as well as show where they can be bought in a variety of large retail chains.

The Details

It was really easy for us to make this new website design pop with all of the fantastic imagery that ThermoServ was able to provide us. Almost every modern website looks good due to great looking images. As designers, it’s our job to help bring those images to the forefront, as well as marry them to the function and marketability desires of the brand.

Since the purpose of this website is to show off the collections, as well as direct users to where the products can be purchased, our step-by-step goals were incredibly simple: show the pictures. The design and layout only needed to allow fluid and straight-forward navigation for uses to find the products they’re looking for. With a robust mega-menu we designed out in the header, the design and function work well.