The Problem

Hughston Homes had an outdated website that needed a fresh design that could handle all of the different plans they have at a given time, and would work well for search engines.

The Plan

Our plan was to use some of the fantastic imagery Hughston Homes was able to provide for strong user engagement, while building out a thoughtful user flow of locations/plans.

The Result

Hughston Homes' new website lets users live chat with representatives, click through all of the available plans, as well as let administrators easily update content on the WordPress CMS.

The Details

The Hughston Homes project was one of the more thought provoking and thorough designs that we’ve had the pleasure to work on in a while. We were tasked with compensating for a variety of different types of user interactions, but mainly users that would flow through the website by location, and then others that would flow through the plans to end up in a location.

The team at Hughston Homes wanted to have users fall in love with their beautiful homes, see available listings, and ultimately find out where they could get that specific home built as a new construction. And with search engines becoming an ever-present desire for all websites, we needed to make sure the website was a good marriage of both user engagement pieces and then had enough content opportunities to bring in organic search traffic.

In the end, we developed a Ken Burns effect on the homepage slider that has a ton of different engagement features built in above the fold. We have a Zendesk integration for agents/salesmen to man and support when logged in. The Zendesk integration also works with the mobile app so the agents can support their website chat from their individual mobile phones.

Also above the fold of the website is a featured plan slider that allows users to see great images of the available plans for their new home. A couple hover features in the slider and call to action for engagement makes everything move forward on the site. Finally, just in the above the fold section, we included a Plans Filter, which was built out of advanced custom fields for bedrooms and bathrooms for users with specific criteria already in mind.