The Problem

David S. Clark - Attorney at Law had multiple sites that weren't linked together and were competing against each other for web traffic.

The Plan

V3 would put together a new, clean, responsive design for a site that would receive all of the web traffic directed towards David S. Clark.

The Result

David S. Clark has seen an upswing in site traffic and has developed a stronger web presence for his practice.

The Details

V3 began their campaign with David S. Clark – Attorney at Law LLC. by laying out a plan to redesign their current assets and to increase their online presence using SEO to make them more competitive in local markets.

The site needed to reflect two facts: that David S. Clark holds itself to a professional level as a law firm and that the site appeals both to a sense of modern aestheticism and design. In order to accomplish this, V3 created a design using clean dividing lines to create a superimposed sense of space on the site and by contrasting the whites and greys throughout with a rich, dark purple. Clean, thin fonts stand opposite the bold heading serif to impart the look of the traditional firm compared to the modern look. Subtle call-to-action, plentiful entrancing animations, and a tasteful color palette sets David S. Clark apart.

In addition to modernizing their design, V3 also set David S. Clark on the map with a strong SEO campaign, in order to make his web presence more competitive in the local market.

The David S. Clark Law site has experienced phenomenal growth since the start of the SEO campaign. He has seen monthly increases of organic search traffic of upwards of 85% in some months and has had an increase in lead generation from the site since its launch. Our goal was to increase his presence in organic keyword searches in order to create more impressions on potential clients. We have been running the campaign for four months and already have helped him climb in search results, including the top spot in organic searches for some of his target keywords.