David S. Clark - Attorney at Law LLC.

Law Firm Website Design

Like most law firm website, the attorneys at David S. Clark needed a website that was able to generate new and organic leads through phone calls and form submissions. With the additional SEO needs, we created a design that represents the respect and authority a lawyer has paired with easy call to action.

Significant Content

In order to rank well for SEO, a law firm’s website needs to have depth of content and keyword density. In order to help  present their brand as a credible source on bankruptcy, our copywriting team helped David create keyword-rich content throughout the website.

Lead Generation

In order to capitalize on the traffic generated form an ongoing SEO campaign, David S. Clark needed easy to use, obvious, and effective dynamic forms to help filter users that are interested in his services.

Law Firm Development Process

Research and analysis.

In order to come up with a solid game plan for the attorneys at David S. Clark, we began researching what different marketing methods had been effective for other firms, including bankruptcy specific firms outside of the local area. Once we were able to identify the aesthetic elements that seemed to be the most effective, we A/B tested a variety of above-the-fold designs to see which had the most positive impact on conversion rates on the website.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

We knew that the David S. Clark website would be primarily a lead generation tool to find new clients that the attorneys can help, but implementing the form system to best generate leads required a few different functional pieces like cookie-based pop-ups, social media retargeting, and design control.


Creating  content from scratch.

In order for the David S. Clark website design to be effective at generating leads, we needed a significant amount of unique, true content built into the website. Google will recognize when has been used in multiple places, and will only give credit to the content the first time it. With that in mind, we knew we needed our own unique bankruptcy content to help improve the overall ranking of the brand.