The Problem

The Law Firm of Kesa Johnston Dunn needed a website to market it's presence in the area of Roanoke, Alabama.

The Plan

V3 Media Group took the information Kesa had and incorporated it into a trendy, professional web design to better market the firm.

The Result

Kesa's firm now has an online presence, making it easier for them to take on clients through a new medium and allowing them to market themselves to an otherwise untapped market in Roanoke.

The Details

The Law Firm of Kesa Johnston Dunn is a small town firm located in Roanoke, Alabama. Kesa Johnston Dunn, the firm’s attorney and owner, is a dedicated attorney and historical revitilization advocate. She wanted her website to propel her firm’s online presence and also be able to take client requests and case evaluations. At the same time, Kesa desired for the site to be able to provide up to date information about the current rebuilding and projects going on in downtown Roanoke.

V3 took Kesa’s requests and got the ball rolling. We laid out a design for her, fitting her specifications: clean and trendy, stylish yet not too lawyerly. She needed something that people wouldn’t be intimidated by — no gavels and scales of justice — to appeal to the clientele she caters to.

V3 delivered. Incorporating smooth user flow and brightly labelled “Call to Action” above the fold, V3 laid out an easily navigable site great for user interaction. Forms were added above the fold to allow users to quickly input information to receive free evaluations from the firm right at the top of the page. Mobile buttons were set up which allow someone to immediately call the firm directly from the site.

The site has dominated the local market. Incorporating the new web presence of the firm as well as her vested interest in the downtown revitalization, Kesa has established a solid presence with her site.

“Working with V3 was a great experience for me and my staff. The entire team worked together to understand and appeal to my unique, small town law situation. They offered wonderful suggestions as to content and design and understood my personal time constraints in the process. I am very pleased with the end result and recommend V3 to anyone with design and website needs.”

Kesa Johnston DunnAttorney & Owner