The Problem

Lakeview needed a website that would work well on mobile devices in order to display information to their church members, as well as those looking for more information.

The Plan

Our designers worked closely with the staff at Lakeview to put together a functional and interactive site to engage users. One of the features they were wanting was a sermon database, which we developed using a timeline structure. Also, with their multiple ministries, they wanted a way for site administrators to be able to manage content related to their specific ministry.

The Result

Our developers put together a modern, clean, responsive site that will function as the digital marketing arm for the church. Lakeview has been able to utilize the multi-administrator functionality to get a lot of important content out to the public in an engaging way.

The Details

Lakeview had some very specific and unique user role functionalities that they wanted to be built into their design. Due to the many different ministries in the church, they wanted to give staff members from each of those ministries the ability to add and edit content when needed, but also not have to worry about editing another ministry’s information. We built custom user roles with page specific authorization for each of their ministries, and also had a super administrator role to manage everything.

Another key feature is the sermon archive. They wanted the ability to allow visitors to hear past sermons using a system that’s easy to navigate and interact with. We developed a timeline sermon database with the ability to search sermons by keyword or by Bible passages being taught. Now visitors to the sermon archive can listen to messages preached from 1979 to current day.