Michael Allen Homes

Home Builder Website Design

Working to build a custom home builder website that has the prestige that Michael Allen Homes has is always a joy, and we knew that we needed to convey the high-end feel of their brand through the design itself, showcasing both the kinds of work they can do but also the brand story behind the brand.

Elegant Design

In order to emphasize the southern charm and elegance that we wanted to for Michael Allen Homes, we wanted to learn into slow/subtle animations for the different elements while also showcasing a serif font.

Home Showcases

While Michael Allen Homes doesn’t have an available inventory of homes ready to purchase, they create custom homes that need to be shown. We firmly believe that any user that is able to visit a model home or see the work of Michael Monk in person will be convinced of the quality of the build.

Home Builder Website Process

Research and analysis.

Working with the home builder industry for website design and development presents its own unique set of considerations, specifically in how the different brands present themselves. Many custom home builders want to sell existing homes they’ve built, while Michael Allen Homes focuses on unique builds each time. We knew that our research needed to be focused on businesses that make a “service” as their main product – it’s not a one size fits all product or solution.


Designing  elegance within the site.

The brand positioning of Michael Allen Homes is certainly quality over quantity – both in design and reliability. Working with a premiere home building brand in the Auburn/Opelika area meant that we needed to capture the overall aesthetic of the brand while still offering an easy to use website. While we would normally emphasis quality by flexing our design muscles and showing what all we CAN do for a design, we instead leaned back into a more elegant, sophisticated design that can be presented as timeless – white space, serif font, engaging imagery.