The Problem

St. James' Church, based in New York, New York, seeks to reach audiences young and old through the knowledge and love of God through Christ. St. James' wanted a new website build to create a better user interface and integrate with donation platforms, bulletins, and church calendars.

The Plan

The new design pulls the red from the Episcopal Red Door in addition to high contrast jewel tones to give the site a fresh feel. Their expansive content was organized in a boxed layout with wide spacing and navigation stacked into a mega menu with images. This new design is replicated on each page to make the entire flow cohesive under the St. James' umbrella.

The Result

Functionally, the new site integrates with all of the church's frequently updated pieces. The largest integration is their church calendar that uses an XML data feed from their calendar system to pull public events to the frontend of the website. The full-width design keeps the look clean while highlighting their variety of groupings.

The Details

St. James’ Church offers a variety of events, sermons, groups, and resources to their community to join in fellowship and worship. Our team structured their content in an organized, easy-to-navigate flow for potential or current members to access information on the site.

The new site is refreshing and highlighted by high contrast color palette and large imagery. St James’ Church’s new website enables them to better share their mission with the community while helping members find the right resources for them.