St. James' Church

Church Website Design

Like most church websites, the focus of the St. James website revolves around the community within the congregation – showcasing the people that make up the church. However, the historic architecture was able to take center stage in the design as well.

Full Width Design

St. James’ Episcopal Church wanted a design that consistently utilizes the entire width of the user’s screen size. This request allowed us to build an aesthetically pleasing design with evenly spaced elements that spanned the entire view, top to bottom, and left to right.

Custom Events Integration

St. James has their own events calendar system that runs both their back office and the front-end events for the congregation. We developed an integration to allow the events that are front-facing only to show on the website in select locations.

Church Development Process

Research and analysis.

Each different protestant denomination has specific elements that are calling-cards of their church. For this particular episcopal church, the focus was on the congregation and the historic building they meet in. Once we were able to help identify these elements that make St. James unique, we were able to create a design that fits the overall aesthetic of their parish while still utilizing modern design techniques.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

There were a variety of custom pieces necessary for the St. James website be effective including, but not limited to, the custom events integration to pull front-facing event from their EMS system. We also spent a great deal of time helping the clergy at St. James organize their sitemap into the different mega menu pieces we’ve implemented.


Content  migration from old design.

Like most church websites, there is a significant amount of messaging that needs to be communicated – both for the elements of faith, but also involvement. St. James’ robust sitemap can be clearly seen through the sheer size of their menu, though cleverly organized with mega menu design.