Cavalier Senior Living

Senior Living Website Design

One of the hallmarks of the design that the management at Cavalier Senior Living wanted our design team to emphasize was the difference between their offerings and competitor offerings. Understanding what makes a Cavalier Senior Living community different from a nursing home, 55+ communities, and more helped drive the design.

Communicating Credibility

The most important aspect of the design was to communicate credibility and care for the user. Many users are children looking at options available for their elderly parents, and we needed to make sure that the imagery, design, and overall aesthetic of the website showcased the level of personal care and comfort that Cavalier is able to offer.

Multiple Locations

With multiple senior living communities across the state of Alabama, and reaching in other parts of the southeast, our challenge was to design landing pages that can effectively reach each individual location.

Senior Living Development Process

Research and analysis.

After seeing what the other comparable senior living communities had to offer in terms of amenities, locations, and more, we were able to come up with a vision that both differentiated the Cavalier Senior Living offerings while keeping the user experience familiar and comfortable for the user.


Developing  locations within the site.

For each specific location, there are different location managers that need to be able to receive the time-sensitive leads from the website that are unique to their own location. We built out custom email routing and form submissions to help each location manage leads effectively.


Consolidating  migration from old designs.

Before we began the project with Cavalier Senior Living, most of the different locations they were serving had independent websites with different URLs, sitemaps, and more. By consolidating all of the different websites into unique landing pages on the new design, we were able o both improve the overall SEO of their brand, as well as give the user a more streamlined experience.