AHI Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing Websites

Websites for the corporate housing industry require an understanding of how corporate housing is differentiated from hotels, typical rentals, and more. With this information in hand, we were able to create an effective website that generates 1000s of leads per month.

Website Speed

In order to effectively market to users in a lead-generation based sales model, having a website the both loads quickly and has immediate conversion opportunities can be the difference between a sale or not.

Robust Sitemap

AHI Corporate Housing’s website includes a large number of interior pages for the different property offerings that are available from their brand. This includes over 100 different interior pages with images, unique contact information, and more.

Corporate Housing Development Process

Research and analysis.

With few industrial competitors to true corporate housing, our main competition was from other industries looking to offer a similar product like AirBnb and similar sites. Our main research results centered around educating the user on what corporate housing is and how there’s no better option for this specific application of housing need.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

With lead generation as the primary need for the website, we wanted to make sure that AHI had as much opportunity to learn about the user early, and retain that information for the sales team to contact. Something as simple as an above-the-fold form accomplished this after we were able to use our tracking data to determine how minimal we could make the form itself.


Content  migration from old design.

With the old AHI Corporate Housing design having minimal organic content and imagery, we help the AHI team create, write, and otherwsie develop all of the different pieces necessary to take the website design from just an empty shell to a finished and functioning website.