The Problem

The previous website for Southern Electrical Contractors didn't reflect the style and quality of work that SEC is known for. They needed a new site that would help them grow instead of hold them back.

The Plan

Our goal was to not only bring the website design to a modern interface, but to also help communicate the level of quality/professionalism a user can expect when working with Southern Electrical Contractors, Inc.

The Result

The overall feel of the new SEC website can be characterized by a modern, professional feel that lends itself appropriately to the size and reputation of their business. We added engaging pieces on the site that will dramatically increase SEC's conversion rates while lowering their bounce rate.

The Details

Our developers created a new site for Southern Electrical Contractors, Inc. that meets all of their needs. It is representative of their company and will help them acquire customers moving forward. The large stylized font above the fold has multiple attribute about it that reflected a blueprint style that is cohesive with the industry. The site is abundant in iconography to show the complexity of the business.

SEC can now showcase their brand personally and build their reputation with the user before they ever speak to them. We achieved this with tactically placed call to actions and engaging pieces throughout the whole site to help organize the user experience, bringing them to the content we want them to see.