Mims Cycle Salvage

E-Commerce Website Design

Most e-commerce websites focus on a few products, but the team at Mim’s Cycle Salvage have an ongoing inventory of over 90,000 individual SKUs that are routinely updated. Our goal was the help manage those products while also helping their staff pull products from their large warehouse.

Website Speed

Instead of having to focus on the overall load time of the website, the biggest hurdle our team had to work through was the speed of the website in terms of searching/filtering through products. Using front-end AJAX search, we were able to help avoid hitting the admin-ajax.php too many times.

Custom Product Data

Mim’s Cycle Salvage relies on data called “pull tickets,” that are assigned to each product on the backend. This data needed to be hidden from the front-end user, while being readily accessible from the rest of the backend. We create a hidden data field that allows the staff to find and pull inventory from the warehouse when purchased.