Rivermill Event Centre


About this Project

Rivermill Event Centre is a beautiful venue for weddings, parties, and any other event. Located in Columbus, GA, Rivermill had a problem that many business that reach out to us had. They were having too many prospective customers for booking their venue, and not enough staff or time in the day to see that everyone had their needs met during a facilities tour. Rivermill came to us to come up with a way to showcase their stunning location in an effective way.

Our Approach

To accomplish our goal, we thought it best to get to address all of their goals in one website. To connect with the users on a emotional level, we were able to take some of their fantastic photography and put it to good use in a javascript slider on the front of the website. This gave us a great chance to capture the users attention at first glance. The biggest and most important piece to the build, however, is the virtual tour. We created a map framework for the administrator to be able to add points to the map, and then link galleries of images to that location. This gave the user the ability to see every nook and cranny of the facility, without having to ever set foot in the buildings themselves.

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