Porter Properties

Real Estate Website

The Porter Properties brand had recently gone through a rebrand, and wanted a website to better reflect their new identity. With our recommendations to focus on the company itself (services, people, etc.) as opposed to individual listings, we ended up with this incredibly attractive and modern design.

IDX Integration

In order to pull in listings real-time from the MLS, we developed an integration from the MLS IDX feed (RETS feed) to pull in active listings per agent. This means that administrators don’t have to manually update listings per agent as the agents bring on new listings, but they are automatically pulled in from the MLS data.

Professional Real Estate Website

In order to make sure that Porter Properties stands out from the crowd of other agents, agencies, and companies out there, we wanted to use design elements that were both familiar to local users, but also unique to the real estate industry. By utilizing both a sleek serif font and a more elegant script font, we brought our a southern, modern design that is unique to Porter.

Real Estate Website Development Process

Research and analysis.

As we were researching similarly structured companies to Porter Properties, we noticed that a significant amount of designs looked the same. Most designs used similar structures, colors, and more. While some of those elements may be typical web-standard practices, we knew that we wanted to put a different twist on a traditional design. Similarly, with our historical data from real estate agencies and what call to action is useful above the fold, we were able to come up with a clean and effective design.


Communicating   local professionalism within the site.

Real estate agents and companies are relatively ubiquitous in Alabama, with little variance in offerings, services, or overall satisfaction. Typically, based on our data, what makes a user decide to select one company over another comes down to 3 main principles – relationships with agents (trust), website ease of use (ease), and ability to find the information their looking for (communication). With these 3 ideas in mind, we were able to build a sitemap and effective user flow to help users convert quickly and easily into leads.


Connecting  users  to Porter Properties.

In most conversion paths on a real estate website, a user will look at the individual agents, what featured listings are available, and then the contact page. By building a unique featured listing section on the website for Porter to showcase homes that aren’t necessarily shown to their fullest extents on Realtor.com and other sites, we were able to build in call to action and a more concise user flow to get users to submit conversion forms or otherwise contact Porter.