Custom Website Design

Botanic is a unique business by combining a wide variety of services/experiences into a single environment for the customer – incredible dining, events, plant nursery, and landscaping showcase all in one. The merging of these different pieces gives Botanic’s customers an inviting and completely new experience from start to finish.

Image-focus Design

In order to communicate all of the different messages that Botanic needs to communicate, we knew that we needed to use bright, vibrant photography to help illustrate the different sections of the website. Using some clever photoshop skills and positional CSS, we were able to create a fun, flowing design that keeps the user engaged from start to finish.

Typography Design

The owners of Botanic gave our design team significant freedom to create and establish styles for the website, and the finished product reflects that freedom of expression. Using outlines, CSS shadows, and more, the font usage and styles gives the feeling of elegance and southern charm without distracting from the overall message.