Mike's Music Market

E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce sites require significant thought to ensure a smooth user experience from start to checkout. Each step of the purchase process needs to be a refined process without distractions or reasons to abandon cart.

Multi-Tenant Marketplace

Unlike typical e-commerce websites, Mike’s Music Market is a digital marketplace where other users can add in products to be sold online, similar to eBay or Facebook Marketplace, but with significantly more restrictions to ensure quality of products sold.

Custom Reverb Sync

The Mike’s Music website includes a custom sync to a large 3rd party marketplace called Reverb. With many music stores already using a Reverb account, the integration allows products already in Reverb to be automatically added to the Mike’s store.

E-commerce Development Process

Research and analysis.

Looking at competing music websites and marketplaces, we knew that we wanted to make a site that clearly separating itself aesthetically from comparable sites. Having a distinct design will help users remember the first experience more effectively.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

Our conversations with the Mike’s Music Market team led us to creating a customized Reverb sync, and a variety of Vendor specific functions to help better serve the users looking to sell products online. While the basic flow of e-commerce is relatively straightforward, the customization needed to help different businesses sell their own products online was a large undertaking.


Content  migration from old design.

The existing Mike’s Music Market website had a large number of products for us to migrate over, but more importantly, had vendors with their own products to migrate as well. The previous site was also built on the Shopify platform, meaning that our development team needed to help reformat the data into a WordPress-friendly format.