Alabama OTI

Medical Website Design

Website design for organizations in the medical field will often follow similar guidelines – white space, bold accent colors, and a clean feeling. Each different design elements can be immediately visually tied to the medical industry, helping the user have a better understanding of the business/organization before any words are read.

Consumer Education

The Alabama Opioid Training Institute wanted a website that could house a significant amount of video and text content centered around educating users on the opioid epidemic in the United States. This includes a short survey, video post type categories/filtering, and more.

Data-based Design

Unlike many websites we’ve designed, this site’s call to action wasn’t as important to “convert,” the user. Instead, Alabama OTI was for a much smaller subsection of users that needed the information housed within this website on-demand.

Medical Website Development Process

Research and analysis.

Most of the research and analysis for this project came from Alabama OTI themselves since they are primarily a research institution and had the data we needed already on hand. This allowed our design team to have a thorough understanding of what sort fo content needed to be emphasized in the design before we even began designing.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

The interior pages of the Alabama OTI website are focused on consumer education, meaning that there isn’t an account registration, paywall, or other method of conversion that we needed to worry about. Instead, our focus was simply displaying the content as soon as possible after the user has filtered what he/she is looking for.


Content  heavy  design.

With the large amount of data available to our team, we wanted to make sure our design highlighted the numbers associated with the project. These numbers included usage rates, locations, and more, along with an interactive NARCAN map linked and readily available in the header of the website.