Kerron Stewart


Photography for Design

After Kerron sent us the pair of shoes she won an Olympic silver medal with, we took a photo of them in our studio to use for the website.


Where has Kerron been? We created this web app to give an interactive touch to Kerron's races.

About this Project

Kerron Stewart was born on April 16, 1984 in Kingston, Jamaica and is known as one of Jamaica’s renowned sprinter who specializes in the 100 meters and 200 meters. In 2008, she was ranked #2 in the world for the 100 meters and #3 in 200 meters. Followed by her outstanding success at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing gaining Silver in the 100m and Bronze 200m.Her success has carried her into the 2009 World Championship in Berlin conquering silver in the 100m and ultimate success with Gold 4x100m. This website was to be a portfolio and celebration of her successes in track & field.

Our Approach

To accomplish our goal, we took it upon ourselves to include the photography with the design of the website. We feel that, in order for every piece of a website to be used to its utmost, we need to be involved with the whole process. We shot the shoes in our studio and removed the background. We then took inspiration from Nike themselves, as well Jamaica, where Kerron is from, to bring the website together.

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