Janelle Williams & Associates

Real Estate Design

Most of the real estate industry has listings dominated by 3rd party directories like Realtor.com, Zillow, and more. In order to make sure an individual real estate agency’s website stands out from the other directories of listings out there, we wanted to make sure we focused on the individual team members and services that separate what Janelle & her team can offer a prospective buyer/seller.

IDX Integration

In order to make sure that the listings are available for each agent, however, we integrated the website with an IDX feed provided by the local MLS to pull in real time data. This allows us to fill out the website with local listings and unique offerings that only Janelle & her team can offer.

Bright, Modern Web Design

We knew we wanted the design to feel light, airy, and clean. Whenever you’re representing a brand that wants to emphasize professionalism and a “value-add” business model, we focus on clean lines, bright imagery, and an overall clutterless aesthetic.