Lee County District Attorney

District Attorney Website

The District Attorney relies on styles that offer credibility to a brand like white space, lack of clutter, and great photography.

Different Brands

For educated shoppers, or customers looking for a particular brand, we knew that we needed to showcase the different product lines that the District Attorney has available. Showing brands with customer reviews of reputable companies also helps garner trust with the user.

Modern Design

Many District Attorneys present themselves as small town, mom-and-pop shops. In order to help the Lee County District Attorney separate themselves from other similar companies, we wanted to present a feeling of professionalism and overall quality.

District Attorney Website Development Process

Research and analysis.

Looking at the competitors for Lee County District Attorney, we discovered that there was a void of professional, business-minded website designs for District Attorneys. Service industry designs have been moving to uber-corporate, buttoned-up designs for the past few years, and instead of going fully in that direction, we wanted to present the Lee County District Attorney brand as one that offers quality on a higher level than the available competitors.


Showcasing   services & brands within the site.

Not every District Attorney offers the same services and brands, and a common tool for marketers to lend credibility to a brand in a new location is to showcase reputable partners. For the Lee County District Attorney, we were able to leverage the large provider logos and custom iconography for different services. These different pieces of design create cleaner lines and a more organized layout for users, instilling more trustworthy elements for a user.


Lead  generation focus.

In order to take a pretty design and make it functional for the Lee County District Attorney, we needed to make sure the user had easy access to lead generation tools like the clickable phone number, Consultation form submissions, and more. Regardless of the user’s positioning on the website, interior page, scroll position, etc., we have clickable elements to convert a user to a lead. In the end, a service industry website that doesn’t have the ability to generate new leads for the business is wholly ineffective.