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E-commerce and Digital Marketing

With thousands of products coming in and out every year, we set them up with a framework to last a lifetime.


About this Project

Ellie Clothing came to us hesitant to start selling products online. They needed something that they could easily control and manage, while having the front sharp and effective. After being burning by other web developers, Kelly and Natalie wanted to make sure that they knew exactly what they were getting, and that it would be actually beneficial for them. In the first week of the website launch, Ellie sold enough items to pay back their entire website. By the end of the first month, they had made 3 times as much as they spent on the website.

Our Approach

The Ellie project was special due to the nature of the business and their target market. We were targeting young adults, between 18 – 25, and specifically by location. However, as their business and website began to grow, we began expanding our digital marketing campaign to include the surrounding states and beyond. Running on wordpress, we integrated their website with the advanced payflow PayPal gateway for payments, as well as UPS integration for shipping. Our goals were to have them turn a profit from the website within the first 3 months. And seeing that they turned it after 10 days, we were able to accomplish that.

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