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By October 23, 2017Outside the Circle

Outside the Circle is a community-inspired take on how the internet & digital culture can positively affect different industries and organizations. These posts are written by the individuals themselves to offer an outside perspective on the world we, at V3, live in every day.

Digital Media for Churches/Non-Profits

It’s 2017

“Culture is rapidly changing all around us. Organizations all over the world are working on how to adapt to that change while maintaining their unchanging mission. Church leader, whether you realize it or not, the culture is increasingly connected to the Internet. The question is whether your presence there is helpful or harmful to your mission.”

– Aaron Wine

The Internet is a powerful tool. And it’s never been easier to use it well!

If you are a church leader or volunteer, here are some things to consider when creating a plan for your online presence.

See Aaron's Ministry

Aaron Wine works as the Youth Minister at Lakeview Baptist Church.

Good Design Matters to God

Many communicators and media curators know the adage, “The medium is the message.” In other words, how you say something is often just as important as what you say.

As church leaders, it’s our job to communicate truth, and do to so with excellence. Many times, however, the church seems to shirk the latter part of that responsibility. We create content that is less than attractive. This is a misstep, especially since we exist in a visual culture.

The Bible shows us that design and aesthetics are important to God. Exodus 31, for example, describes the exquisite and beautiful plans that God gives to Israel for the Tabernacle. Later, in Colossians 3:23, Paul writes, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” (ESV). Quality matters, including what we do online.

The God that we love and serve first revealed himself as Creator (Genesis 1:1). And God makes quality work. This fact should validate the need not just for communicating truth, but doing so in a way that is clear and effective.

Websites are Information Hubs

Using a quality service or company is crucial for a strong foundation online. While there is some cost involved, it is worth it for either a higher quality of work, or the ability to save your own time for ministry.

The big question you must answer is what is our website for? Usually, churches use their websites as information hubs where all their most important content can be accessed in just a few clicks. It’s a great place to clearly communicate things like your vision, your beliefs, and the ministries that your church offers.

Many churches also have online giving, and use their website as a quick way for someone to give support. Consider implementing an avenue for your church to receive gifts online.

Salt and Light on Social Media

Social Media is a great way for church leaders to maintain a conversation with their congregation. But, it’s also an opportunity to reach those who would not enter the church building on their own. Like any physical neighborhood around the church, there are people online that are part of the community that you can engage with your message.

One of the most important things to consider with social media is consistency. Using social media sporadically is usually due to a lack of planning or an overcommitment to different social channels. Not everyone can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat at the same time. So, start where your congregation is. For most churches, that will probably be Facebook. Once you are confident and consistent on one channel, you may want to branch out to other platforms.

Church leaders and volunteers, design matters. How you use your website and social media presence is a vital tool for reaching multitudes online. We’ve been called to go and make disciples. In 2017, we can use the web to do it more effectively and more intentionally. Make quality content that encourages your congregation and invite those who have yet to hear the truth you proclaim.

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