That Orange V3 Square

By May 10, 2016Branding, Design

If you ever see that orange square in the Auburn/Opelika area, whether or a billboard in Tiger Town, or on a window in downtown, know that what you’re looking for is V3 Media Group. We’ve got a two different variations of our logo that we use, both the plain orange square, and the orange square with the white “V3” inside it. Both are talking about us, but we prefer a minimalistic approach for some of the “classier” means through which we push ourselves out there.

Our struggle, in turn, is that without the V3 inside the square, it can be difficult to build that brand recognition for such a simple logo. Therefore, whenever our brand is being pushed in a medium outside of our control we’ll brand ourselves with the V3 lettering. Whenever our brand is being used in a medium that we have direct control over, plain orange square it is.

Here's the thing...

The only real reason this content is on our website is so that we have a good chance of gathering the search queries for users that search for our brand without knowing who we are. So, if a user is looking for “that orange square with v3 in the middle,” we have content on our website to gather those sessions.