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Referring Business to V3? We’ll Send You a Gift!

By March 2, 2018February 24th, 2022No Comments

A Small Thank You

We want to give back to the community of businesses and individuals that let us do what we love.

We run our business off of our reputation. The main theme of our core values is “Be the Good Guys,” meaning that we’re going to do everything we can to not only do a good job on projects we build, but also educate and instruct any client on the practices needed to manage and maintain a successful website. Our “Website Basics” category is a whole archive of posts dedicated to sharing our knowledge with anyone seeking to learn.

Therefore, any time that you refer any work to V3 that we get*, we’re not only going to give you a gift that reflects the value of the project, but we’re going to also give a 5% discount to the person or business you refer. No strings attached. You don’t even have to be an existing client.

01. Fill Our Request Form

Start out by filling out the Request for Proposal form here on our website. Check the box labeled “Were you referred from another company or person?” When checked, fill out the other necessary fields and submit the request to us!

02. Verification

Once we get the chance to speak with you, we’ll verify the referral both with you and the referrer – we want to make sure that the right person gets the credit!

03. Get That Discount

Just for being referred, you’ll receive a 5% discount on your project. You can even take that discount off of hosting if you’d like, meaning you could get a year of free hosting depending on the project! Plus, your friend/colleague that referred you will receive an additional gift for the referral. Win win!

Referral Terms & Conditions: Discounts and referrals gifts are only applied to work that V3 actually receives, not for leads alone. For our records, all referrals must fill out the aforementioned Request For Proposal form to receive the discount, and both the referrer and business/individual referred must agree that the referrer sent the business/individual our way for a project. If the referrer does not agree that the new work was referred to by them, the referrer is not eligible to receive any reward, and the business/individual referred does not receive the 5% discount. The referrer does not have to accept any gift or reward if not desired.