The Problem

Woodhaven Custom Calls needed an updated website to showcase their extensive product line of hunting calls and gear while making sure each aspect was search engine optimized and customer focused.

The Plan

Our plan was to simplify the shopping experience for Woodhaven's customers by adding the buy now with one click feature and creating easy category filtering. Using data from their old site, we found most of their customers were accessing the site from a mobile device which meant there was a need to design a website that was mobile friendly.

The Result

Woodhaven's new website maintains the bold, outdoorsy feel with multiple elements designed with their customers in mind to ensure shopping, demos, and other information can be easily accessed from a mobile device or by desktop.

The Details

To build this web design, our developers used data and conversion rates to assess what Woodhaven’s customers would need to have a high quality shopping experience. The design features the brand’s signature colors and bold imagery to maintain the outdoorsy vibe that stands out on any device without the layout being compromised.

The new website features a hefty megamenu to showcase their products while including detailed product categories for easy search filtering. Accompanied by the buy with one click feature, Woodhaven can offer their customer’s an improved shopping experience.