Woodhaven Custom Calls

Ecommerce Website Design

An effective e-commerce website relies heavily on website speed, easy navigation, and easy checkout. For Woodhaven, we were able to use the years of data in their analytics account to promote the specific categories that are most likely to drive conversions.

E-commerce Flow

In order to increase the conversion rate on the website, as well as increase the opportunity for remarketing, we developed a “buy with one click,” function on most products and an automatic email marketing opt-in on checkout.

Custom Product Videos/Audio

With the products themselves being about the way they sound, we wanted to make sure that we gave the user the opportunity to heard/see the product in action before purchase, which we accomplished by media embeds on the single product view.

Ecommerce Development Process

Research and analysis.

With the outdoor industry having many specific design ideas and functions that are relatively ubiquitous on websites, we have a clear roadmap for what the average user would expect when visiting the Woodhaven website. Using this information in conjunction with all of the analytic data we’ve accumulated over the years with product, category, and abandon cart information, we were able to create a consolidated vision for the design.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

We knew that most of the users that purchase from Woodhaven will have a couple of demographic markers in common, and most of those markers flesh themselves out in the necessity for quick lines to checkout. While this idea is commonplace for most e-commerce stores, the average outdoorsman that would purchase a product form Woodhaven is the prototypical example. This idea led us to emphasize the “buy with one click,” and other automated tools to help speed the user through the purchase process.


Marketing  focus after purchase.

Using data tracking software like Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel, and more, we knew we needed to be able to remarket to users from the Woodhaven website. With many products being of a low enough cost to be considered an impulse purchase, we wanted to make sure our marketing capabilities were enhanced by purchasers, and that the purchase wasn’t the end of the line.