SaaS Software Website

ThreadKore is a customized SaaS provider that offers custom solutions to large scale home builders and developers. In order for our design to compete with other tech designs, we knew we needed a primarily white website with bold contrast and accent colors. While this design style is relatively commonplace with tech companies, we selected specific design elements from their logo to brand and emphasize and try to separate them from the crowd.

Lead Generation Design

In the end, software solutions providers are looking for their website to generate leads. While the content is able to communicate the basics of the services or solutions they’re able to provide, the real conversion value is more fully realized in face-to-face meetings or phone calls.

Modern Design

We utilized a modern professional design with a significant amount of white space and obvious call to action in the above the fold, directing the user to download the mobile app. By using screenshots from the app itself, we’re able to give the user a controlled expectation of what they can expect to experience from the app itself, making downloading more likely.

ThreadKore Website Development Process

Research and analysis.

With some giants in the tech industry, we were able to quickly identify the current trends and existing styles that users expect from software companies like Google, Apple, PayPal, and more. While we didn’t want to lean to heavily into an overly-corporate design, we still needed to make sure that users would feel like they’re looking at a technology provider instantly on page load.


Showcasing   services & brands within the site.

The ThreadKore suite of products is large and powerful, giving them the ability to help incredibly robust home builders or commercial developers with their software solutions. We needed to help their brand communicate that ability to large corporations without alienating smaller to midsize firms. By giving a more or less “clean slate,” with the design, the team at ThreadKore was able to use different styles of content to help communicate what makes their team effective.


Consistent  branding focus.

ThreadKore advertises themselves as the “single thread that connects every part of your business,” and that idea needed to be cohesive throughout the entire design. We took great efforts to make sure the overall design aesthetic was apart of every piece of the website. From “Thank you,” messages to social media branding, we want users who see ThreadKore to recognize it immediately before having to read a single word.