The Problem

Paws Humane Society is a nonprofit organization in Columbus, Georgia, that seeks to enrich the lives of animals and people within its community. Their previous website had a large sitemap and lacked functionality for what the shelter needed. The website needed to streamline important information about clinics, adoptions, and events while showcasing the work they do for their community.

The Plan

We planned to simplify their sitemap for visitors to easily locate information and services while keeping the flow fun and light. The new design pulled the blues from their logo, bold text headings, and large animal cut-out sections to highlight information.

The Result

The new website is easy to navigate and features integrations with Shelter Luv and Paws donation platform for guests to view adoptees or give to the shelter through the site. Color-blocked sections highlight Paws service areas and events with a live news feed on pages.

The Details

Paws Humane Society offers many outreach clinics and programs to their community which comes with a lot of website content. Our team was able to restructure their large site map to display content in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. With integrations on-site, the website brings updated functionality to fit the shelter’s needs.

The strong graphic elements keep the website fun and incorporate the playfulness of the animals without sacrificing any core functional elements. Paws’ new design enables them to better serve the community through their online platform.