Jabo Communications

Telecomm Website Design

Developing a new website for a business-to-consumer business in the telecomm industry takes a forward-thinking design that embraces technology while leveraging content that’s accessible to the basic consumer.

Content Development

Our design and development team was able to work closely with our in-house copywriters to help create marketing sections, content, and literature that can effectively reach Jabo’s target consumers.

Custom Icons & Graphics

Our design team creating unique graphics and icons for the Jabo Communications team to use both on their website and throughout their print marketing as well.

Communication Development Process

Research and analysis.

With very few competitors in the Oklahoma City market that Jabo Communications is focused in, our design team was primarily driven by the idea that local customers will be more likely to invest in local businesses when given the opportunity with comparable price and service.


Developing  custom tools within the site.

Based on the needs of Jabo Communications, we were able to create a variety of lead generation tools and forms to help their business leverage the new website for new customers. With the need for customer education as part of their typical expected user flow, our plan used all of the potential clicks to take the user from the homepage to a qualified lead.


Creating  unique icons.

Using terms like “VOIP” and other technical terms can oftentimes lead to higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates from the users on the website. In order to address these potential issues, our design team created unique iconography and graphics to help communicate complex messaging in more simplistic terms.