The Problem

The Trade Center needed a responsive website for all of the mobile traffic that they were getting. They also wanted to showcase their facilities online to save time with in-person tours.

The Plan

We planned to build a responsive website with clean, modern elements to be a compliment to the established look and feel of their facility.

The Result

Our website designers and developers created an interactive website with the facility being the centerpiece. We developed a video tour for visitors to get an idea of the beauty and layout of the Convention and Trade Center, before seeing it in person.

The Details

We began working on this project with the understanding that our main focus was going to be on the facility, showcasing the different ballrooms and meeting areas. Their rustic and elegant meeting rooms speak for themselves and we wanted to capture a little of that in a digital format. Our team traveled to Columbus to shoot video of the Trade Center and put together a user-friendly virtual tour, showcasing the variety of rooms available for a multitude of events.

The Trade Center is a historic landmark in the city of Columbus, GA. We wanted to be sure that we captured the historical look and feel of the facility in the design of the site. We showcased the venue with a video slider and the interactive map that they specifically mentioned needing. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with the fine staff at the Trade Center to create this engaging, responsive website.

“The Trade Center's experience with V3 was very professional and extremely positive. The V3 team truly understands the customer's vision, and will do all they can to produce a website that any company envisions. The Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center now has the exposure like we've never had before. Future clients can now have a better understanding of our story and what we have to offer before they even visit our facility. Not to mention every staff member is willing to assist, guide, and support you at a moment's notice.”

Hayley HendersonExecutive Director