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Brand Yourself on Social Media

By March 30, 2015March 3rd, 2022No Comments

Companies of all sizes have begun to use social media as a way to establish their brand. Whether they showcase their company’s achievements through factual information or their company’s sense of humor through witty humor, social media provides a platform to create their image. Large companies have not been the only ones to take advantage of this branding platform- numerous individuals have discovered the importance of social media for the branding of their personal brand.

Personal branding over social media has become a popular use for the numerous online platforms. Many celebrities have become adept to using social media to not only connect with their fans, but to also create an image for themselves. One celebrity who has excelled in online personal branding is Katy Perry.

Katy Perry has more than 67 Million followers on her twitter alone, surpassing that of the President of the United States of America.

How is her fan base so vast on social media? Simple, she has created a personal brand that has created interest.

On social media Katy Perry has shared personal videos of her day to day life, new musicĀ of bands she admires and humorous anecdotes that receive numerous retweets and favorites. Katy Perry has integrated numerous social media facets to create her own perception of her brand.

Individuals do not have to achieve celebrity in order to brand themselves over social media. The online tools should be used to create a brand for individuals on how they want to be portrayed to the public. To brand oneself on social media is a way to introduce your true self to a larger audience than ever thought previously possible.

Branding your business on social media provides a platform to establish who you are. If you have any questions on branding, platforms, or simply where to start, the team at V3 Media Group would love to help!

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