Web Design

It's got to look good and work well.

V3 Media Group offers web design services that cover the entire spectrum of devices, from a mobile-responsive website to the full-width desktop design that can be used on large TVs in conference rooms. If you’re looking for a web designer that can not just build a site that’s attractive, but also one that is functional, then V3 is the development company for you.




Yearly Sessions

Showcase your business with elements like javascript counters and animated blocks. When you’re designing a website, it’s important to know and understand how to draw a user’s eye where you want them to go.

Communication is Key

When hiring a web designer, it’s important to have an open line of communication from the decision-maker to the individual doing the actual work. At V3, we base our projects around that communication, giving you direct access to the ones developing and designing your web project.

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One of the most common problems that clients mentioned they’ve encountered in any web development project is the ability to accurately communicate desires and needs for a website to a designer, and then to have that desire translated in code that accomplishes your goals. We do our absolute best to be mindful of the overall goal of a website and to give you a clear roadmap on how our designs accomplish said goals.

What We’ve Heard

Our designs are made to be modular. This means that you can take our web design templates and drag-and-drop the pieces around to better fit your needs, should you want to. Want to add a new page to your site? It only takes 3 clicks and then the time to change out your information for the new page.

For the vast majority of our website projects, the V3 design team works within the WordPress Content Management system, meaning that you will be able to log into the WordPress dashboard to manage and maintain your website after the project is finished. You should be able to control your website’s content on your own without having to come to us for our help.