Automate Your Business

There’s no reason for you to manually put data into Excel or Access by hand. With a fully-functioning Web App, you can have all of your business run and managed from your phone or tablet. Meaning that you can bring your business with you, making you free to take that ever-so-needed vacation.

Increase Your Efficiency

Human-error when typing in prices or percentages can throw off your business reports, cause you to miss orders, and therefore lose money. With a web app, we can make sure that every digit is 100% accurate for pricing, send you emails and text messages when orders are placed, and set reminders for fulfillment and leads.

Customized Applications

No two businesses are the same. We review current business practices objectively as an outsider, and then make recommendations for improvement. Every business needs something unique to them. We offer free consultations to discuss how exactly we can help your business grow.

Web Apps are about how your business flows from start to finish. How to you get paid from the time you interact with the customer, to when the money is in your bank account. Does the customer walk in your door? Does the customer HAVE to walk in your door? Can they call? Email? Do you ever have to meet them face to face?

Once you have met, spoken with, shook hands with, the customer, what happens next? We want to think through every step of your process, cut out the unnecessary ones, automate the ones we can, and give you quicker, more efficient turn-around.

Web Apps are all about having your business run more smoothly. We can integrate with any platform that has an existing API (Application Programming Interface), and ideally, that’s exactly what we would do to integrate our web app with your existing accounting software, website, etc.