Many people wonder what makes a tweet significant enough for it to go viral. Is it the cleverness of the tweet? Tagging of a celebrity figure? Posting a popular meme that is easily recognized? While these are all factors that contribute to the success of a tweet there is one factor that outweighs the others. Relevancy.

Timing a tweet around a relevant event that is taking place will be key to helping a tweet go viral. When a major event is going on, such as a sporting event or an award show, a higher ratio of audience members will be tuned into the event. They become invested on the commonality of shared interest of the live events.

Large events, such as at the Superbowl, creates the perfect platform for a tweet to go viral. Since it is a live event, the audience is witnessing the events at the same time causing them to react accordingly. When companies tweet during these large events, the outcome could have an overwhelming popular response.

One instance that highlights the successes of tweeting during a large live event was at the 2014 Grammy Awards when Arby’s tweeted to Pharrell Williams about his choice fashion accessory of the night.

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When audience members checked their twitter during the event and saw this tweet it instantly went viral. It took a subject matter that audience members had just became invested in and capitalized on it immediately.

This tactic of tweeting should be taken full advantage of during the Superbowl. The Superbowl provides platforms through not only the game, but also commercials and halftime performances. Fan reactions have also been known to start viral tweets or memes too!

In order to get the most out of your twitter during the Superbowl, tweet quickly and make it clever.