Top 10 Features of Google Analytics

By February 2, 2015Blog

Ever wondered how many people are viewing your site on a daily basis? Ever wondered about the geographic reach of your website? Ever wondered if there is a concise way to track all of this data? The answer: Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics allows the user to view statistics about traffic to their website while tracking live feed. If you aren’t convinced read the top 10 reasons as to why you should use Google Analytics to enhance your website experience.

  1. Easy to use. The tools on the site are easily assessable and can be used for a multitude of purposes including data summarization.
  2. Great way to track a campaign.  Google Analytics gives you the platform to track any campaign that is driving traffic to your website.
  3. Not only is Google Analytics a great tool to use to to track your data, but it is also a great tool to use to send reports periodically to clients or internal stakeholders.
  4. Users have the ability to measure internal site search and know what people on your website are searching for the most.
  5. Live reporting on who is viewing your site on which parts of the site they are currently viewing. Great for recording optimized time your site gets on a daily basis.
  6. Google Analytics’ Keywords report shows users what search engine keywords deliver traffic to their site. This can help when attempting to determine the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the site.
  7. Users can view a complete list of all of the web browsers, operating systems and devices that visitors use to access the website.
  8. When creating a summarization of the data Google Analytics provides effective tools to easy export the data in an Excel format.
  9. With Google Analytics a user can pick which data they want analyzed and included in a report making it more customized to a customers’ needs.
  10. Google Analytics is FREE to it’s users and provides numerous benefits to a website creator.


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