Seven Tips For A Better Infographic

By February 9, 2015Blog

Ever looked at a infographic and wished that you could produce one for your sight that had the same quality and effect on the readers as the one you saw? Well follow these ten tips on the best way to make your infographic have the most appeal.

1) Have a clear design to your infographic. This includes a cohesive color palette, simple graphics and a structured hierarchy of information.

2) Make your data relevant throughout the entire infographic. Do not include extra data or facts that are not needed.

3) Lay out your graphic in a logical way. Have the flow of information in chronological order dependent on how to make the whole graphic cohesive.

4) The main point of the infographic should be the biggest. Either have the main data figure, word or fact in the largest font or as the largest image on the graphic.

5) Use a grid when deciding on the layout for the infographic. This will keep the lines straight and the columns proportionally sized.

6) Link to other sites that are relevant to your graphic. When there is more information readily available to follow-up your graphic, it will further engage the readers.

7) SPELL CHECK! Glaring spelling and grammar mistakes distract the reader from the content and make the infographic lose credibility.


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