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Google Marketing

Traditional Search Ads

Traditional search ads are what most people first think of when it comes to digital marketing with Google.

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Keyword Targeting

Google Search Ads target specific keywords to display ads to using Google’s bidding process.

Quick Returns

Google Ads have a very fast learning phase and are one of the fastest ways to generate new leads.

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How Search Ads Work

Traditional search ads work via Google’s algorithmic bidding system, combining a variety of factors like budget, bid amount, quality score, keywords, and more to determine which ad(s) to show at the top of their search results.

In order for your ads to be eligible to be seen, you must make sure the ads are set up with appropriate keywords, your website accurately reflects your messaging, and your budget is effective at outbidding competitors.

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Quality Score

In order for Google Ads marketing to be as efficient as possible, you want to have a high quality score. This means that your ads match seamlessly with your website content.

Google’s Bidding Process

In order for your website to outbid a competitor, your ad campaign should be set with a higher maximum cost per click than said competitor. The higher the bid, the higher the placement.

Keyword Targeting

Your ads will be set to only show on specific keywords in specific instances. Your AdWords campaign can be set for different match types to make sure your keywords are reaching the right users.

Marketing Company

V3 Media Group has the experience and ability to create effective and efficient digital marketing campaigns centered around Google Ads.

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