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Social Media

Content Production

Producing content on social media is a necessary grind for businesses that need to connect to the general public for sales and leads.

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Creating Posts

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the like all require posts to be created and published regularly to generate traffic.

Response Time

Responding to comments and direct messages from your target market is a sure way to have a higher customer retention.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

What Kind of Content To Produce

Social media marketing strategies are unique to the company’s sales process and target customers. Depending on your demographic, you may be more interested in video content, graphics, surveys, or a variety of other potential kinds of content.

Understanding that there’s no “one size fits all” for content production helps businesses find their niche in content production to get the best results.

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Generating Likes

Certain content is more effective than others for generating both likes/engagement on a post as well as follows for your account as a whole. Using different strategies for social media content will yield vastly different results.

Converting Engagement

For most businesses, the process of converting follows, likes, and shares, to actual sales and real dollars is the main goal for any social media campaign. This process can be time consuming, but provides long term results for businesses that stay the course.

Demographic Targeting

Most social media platforms have a surprisingly narrow demographic that is the most actively engaged on said platform. Creating content that is specific to Facebook or Instagram will have much better results than posting the same content on multiple places.

Social Media Company

V3 Media Group is staffed to support social media campaigns for most businesses in regards to content production and routine engagement.

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