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Advertising on social media is one of the most effective ways at reaching a large number of people that may or may not have heard about your brand before.

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Social media advertising lets you use huge troves of data to target people that are most likely to use your business/service.


Social ads are typically display ads, meaning that you can use videos, images, and graphics to make your ads more appealing to your particular target market.

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How Social Media Advertising Works

By tracking data through tools like the Facebook Pixel, and through engagements on your different profiles, you can build audiences to target with your ads. These targets can be either remarketed to or initially marketed for brand awareness and reach.

Once you’ve established your audiences, you will create a budget for your spend on each platform to serve your creative ads as many times to your targets as possible. The more you’re able to effectively reach your audience, the more likely the ads are to be successful.

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Website Tracking

Social media advertising is most effective with Facebook is able to effectively track data on your website. This allows your campaigns to be optimized for specific interactions that take place on your actual site like sales, add to carts, and more.

Optimized Learning

Most social media marketing platforms have a “learning phase,” where you creatives, budgets, and actions are tested across a wide variety of users to see what times, days, and demographics are the most effective.

Dynamic Creatives

Using A/B Testing, we can create campaigns that will show the most effective graphics/images to users instead of wasting budget on ads that don’t work for your goals.

Social Media Advertising

V3 Media Group has created and managed social media marketing campaigns that have sold houses, outdoor gear, clothes, software, and more.

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