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Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks & Data Tracking

Generating backlinks is one of the toughest and most impactful parts of an SEO campaign.

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Backlink Quality

It’s no longer good enough to simply generate links – your backlinks need to be from quality websites.

Tracking Results

Tracking the results of an SEO campaign will help prove the efficacy of the work by traffic and leads generated.

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How Data Tracking Works

In your website’s Google Analytics account, you are able to see traffic sources like organic search, paid ads, and referrals from 3rd party websites. These 3rd party websites will have to include a backlink from their site to your for you to get credit for the backlink in your SEO.

The more quality traffic you get from reputable websites, the better your website will be viewed in Google’s search algorithm. Being able to see and quantify this data is imperative for the success of your campaign.

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Track Traffic

Within Google Analytics, you will be able to plainly see an increase in traffic from a well-run SEO campaign.

Growing Impressions

In order to break through into a new keyword, you need to be actively tracking your results with Google’s Search Console to see how many impressions your website is able to generate from a search result.

Converting to Leads

After your website is getting additional traffic, a well-run SEO campaign will be able to identify problems, if any, the prevent a user from converting from simple traffic to a quality lead.

Local & National SEO Agency

A well-run SEO campaign can be effective at both local and national levels depending on the levels of competition.

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