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Retargeting can be an effective way to market to users that have already interacted with your brand via your website or other digital locations.

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Social Media

Through retargeting strategies, your brand can send ads to a user via Facebook/Instagram if they recently interacted with your brand online.

Display Ads

If a user visits your cookie-enabled website, you can likely serve that user ads on other websites the user visits.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Retargeting Basics

Retargeting allows you to track a user after the user is finished interacting with your brand on your website or on your social media account. If a user visits your page, clicks on an ad, or visits your website, that user will be tracked via cookies (most likely) for future marketing.

This allows you to market directly to users that have made it to a certain point in your lead/sale flow like users who have added a product to their cart without checking out, repeat purchasers, or users that visited your portfolio without contacting you.

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High Engagement

Retargeting is generally effective due to the user’s previous knowledge of your brand. This will increase the likelihood of engagement for retargeted ads.

Display Ads

With most retargeting platforms relying on display ads, you’ll be able to design creatives that are specifically made for your more narrow audiences.

High Conversion Rates

Retargeted users are significantly more likely to convert into a lead or sale than first time users who have never heard of your brand before.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Retargeting your website visitors or engaged users on social media requires a thorough knowledge of data tracking software and creative strategy that V3 Media Group can offer.

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