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Google Marketing

Google Local Services

One of the most powerful advertising innovations from Google, specific service industries may be eligible to use Local Services ads to generate high-quality leads.

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Location Targeting

Google Local Services ads are specifically design for local businesses to generate leads.

Effective Spending

After your screening, Google Local Services ads are incredibly effective at getting your niche of leads.

Local Marketing Company

Setting Up Local Services

Local Services ads have a much higher barrier to entry than other marketing mediums due to Google’s emphasis on legitimate businesses being the only ones to be able to use the ads. These ads are given preferential treatment in a search result, differentiating themselves with images, reviews, and a short description.

Your business will have to go through a Tax-ID verification, a background check, and more to prove you are eligible to use these ads. Our marketing team is able to help walk you through this process to get verified and your ads up and running.

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Local Services ads show at the very top of a search result, before organic results, the map, and more.


These ads are effective for both placement on the page and the design which includes an image and your review rating.


If your market has multiple users with local services, the order will be decided by proximity, budget, and positive review ratings.

Local Advertising Agency

Google's Local Services ads are worth the effort to set up and run, and our marketing team is able to take on the labor to get your ads approved and verified.

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