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Our Process

Google AdWords

Our Google AdWords marketing strategies will help you bid accurately and efficiently for the best possible results.

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Advertising on Google

Most clicks, most conversions, most likely to show on the top of the page. These strategies will depend on your goals.

Fast & Effective Results

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising mediums to get real results quickly.

Our Google AdWords Process

Research and analysis.

Know your reasonable minimal viable product before you spend any real marketing dollars.


Every marketing campaign, regardless of the vertical, starts with a thorough understanding of your competitors and potential roadblocks to success. With the Google AdWords algorithm running as a bidding strategy, we can’t adequately create models and projections without looking into what other people are actively bidding for similar keywords. The more competitive your keywords, the more expensive your campaign is likely to be.

Set up conversion tracking to measure results

Depending on your goals, we will set specific metrics for conversions where users convert from a visit to a lead/sale.


Each marketing campaign will have unique goals for lead generation, e-commerce sales, and more. As we discuss your Google AdWords campaign, we will use that information to identify and set up speicifc conversion metrics that will give you real numbers to track the efficacy of the campaign with.

These conversions can be phone calls generated from the ads themselves through call extensions, phone call clicks on your website, lead form submissions, add to cart tracking, purchases, and more. Regardless of what the metric is, your campaign will need specific goals to make sure your marketing dollars are spent effectively.

Onboard keywords and ads

We will import your target keywords into your campaign and set up a variety of different ads, extensions, and more.


Each different kind of ad within Google’s AdWords system provides different potential outcomes both on the likelihood of a user clicking on it, but also with Google’s likelihood to present it to the user (quality score). Understanding how these different kinds of ads will play into Google’s algorithm is a huge advantage for anyone looking to advertise on a search engine.

Similarly, Google’s recommendations of keyword implementation will vary depending on a large number of factors. Some keywords may be broad match, others may be exact or phrase. These different keyword types will directly affect the cost of your ads and what users are eligible to receive them.

Track andĀ  measure, your results

Once the campaign goes live and into the learning phase, we will be able to track and optimize your campaign for improvements.


The learning phase for your Google AdWords campaign can take up to 14 days to complete while Google is testing your ads for your target keywords. It’s this phase that gives us significant insight into how successful your campaign will be in the long term, while also helping use revise our models for conversions and cost per click.

With the competition in the market always changing, and changing quickly, it’s import to keep a close eye on your AdWords campaigns to make sure your quality score remains high, that you’re bidding for the position you want to be in, as well as maintaining a strong level of conversions.

Monthly marketingĀ  reports

Each month, we will send you reports from your PPC campaign(s) so that you can understand what we’re doing and how it affects your business.


Each month, our marketing team will give you an analysis of the work that we completed on your campaign the previous month, as well as projections for what we can anticipate moving forward. Each campaign is unique and constantly changing, so the reports are there to make sure that we’re accurately communicating what is successful and what is not.

We will often need to pivot your campaign to specific areas of the most success, making the overall campaign more efficient. While you will have up-to-date access to real time data through your Google Data Studio report, we will communicate specific areas of success or concern to you for your review and approval.